July 05, 2005

Just relaxing, my wife is at movie night.

We had our appointment with the government disAbility program. After this appointment I took a bus to our self help group offices and there I helped approve an operating plan for our government supported peer to peer self help group. I then came home and my wife went out to movie night with part of her psych team. I surfed ebay a little looking at the old model HP palm tops. I relaxed reading my blog for June in hard copy that is on paper from the printout. I then got to thinking of studying a bit and avoiding ebay. I came into the office and am going to print out the lecture power point slides now and then watch more lectures in the living room. I am going to read my studies blog for June. I will also do some reading about cyber culture, silicon valley north and some reading about human rights and the internet. I spoke with another neighbour with schizophrenia about my school plans and gender.

Posted by petert at July 5, 2005 08:03 PM


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