July 12, 2005

Need to take a break and sleep to stay to work schedule.

I have learned to control my sleeping but sometimes I stay up too late still and ruin my plans. I prioritise. I am never late for work at my main income jobs. I sometimes slack off on web mastering and of course still skip out on volunteering duties sometimes. Right now I need to sleep to not over sleep or over awake for Wednesday evening work on route for a full over night shift at work on Friday. My friends won't be coming over again this Friday because of this work and I missed having them over last weekend because of volunteer duties.

I should sleep now. I completed reading chapter 9 in the spring term source book and started chapter 10. This is for lectures #7 and #8.

I did give labs and gave advise to students for the mid-term. I also gave a test. I tried to relax the students more this time and they seemed to complete more work on the test. I need to mark these tests this week. I told my boss that computer crime has intersections for law and statistics. She said computer crime is interesting just like one statistics professor told me in an email about four years ago when she said computer tinkering is interesting.

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