July 19, 2005

I think the server was down yesterday.

I tried to post in the early afternoon yesterday but could not contact www.schziophrenia.com over the internet. I back dated my posts below for Monday. They were really made at a few minutes past midnight. I am on another night shift tonight so that I will sleep at about 2 PM Tuesday today, and then sleep until early Wednesday morning when I will be going to my security work for an 8 hour shift. Of my work I have worked the 3 scheduled hours of my TA work so far this week. I won't have scheduled hours again until next Monday. I do have some marking to do this week though. It may take awhile. I also have a 12 hour shift in security on Friday. After this shift I am volunteering for 14 hours. But once the first four hours go by on the volunteer shift it should be quiet. On Wednesday after my security work I will have one hour to get to city hall for my committee volunteering. Then right after that I will have one hour to get to my friends house for Dungeons and Dragons. This reminds me I should watch some Star Gate today.

Posted by petert at July 19, 2005 02:34 AM


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