July 23, 2005

Worked 44 hours in the last two weeks.

Our pay period has two weeks like many other jobs. I have worked 44 hours in the present pay period. The full time workers work 88 hours in two weeks. I will realise about 400$ from this work which will help pay debit and also buy a new larger hard drive for my new used iBook and also upgrade the memory to 544 MB. I might also be able to afford a pocket drive with this money.

I worked 12 hours yesterday and have the weekend off of work. But I do have marking to do and will be doing some marking tonight in our living room. I am working as a teaching assistant on Monday evening and then must stay up through Tuesday for an 8 hour shift in security. Then I will have two days off of work and then work again on Friday for 12 hours. Then I will have almost four days off and work another 12 hour night shift on Tuesday.

I have completed my volunteer hours for this month except an extra shift for next Sunday. I also have a volunteer meeting on Tuesday at 5 PM. This will be an after work meeting so I may not make it.

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