July 24, 2005

Medication and knowing how it works.

No this isn't a post about biochemistry on a microscopic level or biotechnology. I am talking practical use of medications. A good doctor will warn you that these medications make you sleepy and you should take them at bed time. Ideally for me, I am prescribed to only take my meds once a day at bedtime. I used to become very tired during the day when I had to take them twice or three times at day. Instead I take them before sleeping. This also allows me to enforce my sleep plans over my own stay up mania.

For instance to be waking up at 1 or 2 PM Monday I will need to sleep at about 4 AM Monday morning. I am planning on being up about 30 hours then until 7 PM Tuesday but will have a nap early Tuesday morning. I need to work 5 hours Monday evening and 8 hours early Tuesday monrning. Then I have a volunteer meeting at 5 PM Tuesday. This would have been fine if I was on my usual up late Friday sleep 8 AM or 12 noon Saturday morning schedule, because I would have been waking up at about 8 PM Saturday or later and then staying up until Monday 4 AM. As it is now it is better because I woke up at 12 noon Saturday and am planning on sleeping right now at 4 am Sunday having only a 20 hours day today. Then today when I wake up I will not have slept as much and wake up at noon again, today. Then I will sleep at 4 AM Monday for a simple 16 hour day. This will allow me about two normal days rest and sleep.

But I don't want to sleep normal days so I take my meds to force myself to sleep. I took my meds at 3 AM and am now starting to feel tired. I should actually be asleep now by 5 AM and my sleep plans should be well underway.

Posted by petert at July 24, 2005 04:02 AM


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