August 06, 2005

I achieved my short term relaxation goals.

Yes, even relaxation is a goal to be achieved. I was able to watch some TV and also get some first aid studied. I am going to catch a bus to my first aid training in one hour.

I changed my course choices and cut courses now rather than later. I am fairly determined to graduate with a good average, so I will study only law courses this fall. Also I have chosen an evening class in something I am interested in studying. So my fall term courses will be an intellectual property law introduction and a course in state security and dissent. Both courses are on the same day of the week. One is in the morning and one is in the evening. This may or may not work well.

I will not study statistics this fall term after all. I even considered not working as a mathematics and statistics TA this term.

I will study more first aid before going out to training.

I did not get yesterday's marking done so will need to mark more over the weekend. I have been up almost 24 hours and have a 6 hour training session to go through now. I did get some niacin and will take 1 gram of it now. I will pack for travel now.

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