August 09, 2005

I got the minitab questions all marked now.

I am feeling fairly nervous or as I call it wired. I mark fairly intensely when I am like this so I try to not mark much like this. I am usually at past a 16 hour day when I feel this way. Food can bring me down out of this mental-physical state of being.

I read about addictions and writing. I read about GIS and GRASS. I also browsed some math books. I read more about gender in an individual framework.

I marked all the minitab questions. Now I just need to mark the textbook problems for this assignment. I will space out my marking with reading and watching lectures and sleep at about 12 noon or 1 PM or maybe 2 PM. I want to watch he remaining parts of lecture #17 before sleeping. I made my lecture viewing schedule goal for today already.

Posted by petert at August 9, 2005 08:22 AM


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