August 13, 2005

I did some market shopping today.

I have only used our fruit and vegetable market a few times this year. Today I spent about 20$ on fruits and vegetables. I also bought our usual diet pepsi. I also bought some sandpaper for smoothing the bathroom wall where I had put polyfila. I also bought six face masks in case the sanding brings up polyfila dust into the air.

I ordered chicken for delivery. I also sold some computer parts for 18$ and spent about an hour with the guy buying this old motherboard and chip and RAM. He tested it and did a lot of inside the computer work. I am left with a decent case and a 20GB hard drive and floppy. As usual I felt robbed by selling something. I feel like I was taken advantage of in this deal. But this is a learned helplessness response. I did bargain for three extra dollars in the end. I can now buy a new motherboard, processor and RAM and put these inside this nice case I have left.

Posted by petert at August 13, 2005 10:28 PM


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