August 14, 2005

I got to sleep at 11 PM last night but am staying up late tonight.

I did get to sleep as I planned last night. I woke up at about 8 am this morning. I am going around the clock one more time before my exam. My exam day will be basically a nine to five day on Thursday. This is the next big date on my calendar. The night before is another game night with Star Gate character creation most probable.

The weekend after is nothing special. The following week is busy with BBQ's, in fact three BBQ's. One for a union, one for a self help group and then one at some friends' house. I also have a board of directors meeting that week. And I have one volunteer shift that week during the day of Monday. The weekend of that week I have more volunteer shifts and the following Monday night too. I also have a psychiatrist appointment on Monday the 29th. Then the week is fairly quiet then labour day weekend we visit our mom in the country for some swimming and outdoor life in the country. I will chat with my mom and her roomate. Then I come home to a pre-school week where my TA union volunteer duties will be called upon.

I have to settle my course choices for the fall term before August 31st but most of the fees have now been paid. I will have to get books during the first week of September or the second week.

Then after the first couple of weeks of school my own TA duties may start in mathematics and statistics, but if I am hired as a legal studies TA, my TA duties could start much sooner. I find out about this new appointment on August 22nd of there abouts.

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