August 15, 2005

I talked to everyone in my nuclear family yesterday.

I was able to talk to everyone in my nuclear family yesterday. I called my mom long distance to let her know we are financially ok this coming week.

I also talked to my dad using the internet application Skype. I talked about computers but then asked him about people he works with that I have known all my life. He said they were all well but did not have much information about the generation of kids who were my friends when young. I am the only one in this group with schizophrenia although the others do have mental illness problems of their own. This community was all based on my dad's workplace at the university.

I only talked with my biological brother by email and he is going to help me with the PA equipment expenses by at least buying my older PA power mixer for his own use. You may not know this but my brother and I are also musicians. We are though not at the moment making much money from this work.

My wife also talked to relatives yesterday. She was given permisson from her father to not attend a family reunion, because as she says, she is very uncomfortable in crowds.

I seem to have developed a shell of confidence for working in crowds but deep in my heart I have the same feelings about crowds and excessive social environments. This is also a disadvantage in terms of being a musician. But in fact, my present money making jobs are mostly people oriented jobs, and I in fact, am complimented on my people skills these days. I have come a long way from an isolated science student. But in fact, I still spend a great deal of time alone to recover from these excessive social environments. And I still make a great deal of social mistakes out there in the world of "others".

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