August 16, 2005

I completed watching 60 hours of lectures early this morning.

I did it I watched all the lectures in time with my Sunday plan. I then did some chatting at Yahoo for a few hours. Then I began my notes review and case reading. I got the most important case read. This case concerning Quebec secession was covered in numerous lectures. But I only read that one case this morning. I also printed and read some articles for my fall term course. So I have lost out a few hours I could have spent studying public law on other studies.

I won't be fooled though by my present plan for the day. I was thinking that it is 11 AM I could easily go to school and borrow books for the fall term course, put up some posters for a union event, and then take a bus to my self help group for a meeting. But instead I think I will only go to this meeting in about an hour. I will spend the next hour doing a little recycling and get back to the books a bit. In fact the computer is wasting a lot of this time for me so I am going to shut down this computer.

Posted by petert at August 16, 2005 11:04 AM


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