August 20, 2005

Bought some new jeans that actually fit.

I went downtown right after helping with the newspapers. I had to be at this department store just when it opened. The reason was that they gave the first 200 shoppers a 10$ gift certificate. There was also a jeans sale today. So I got two pairs of jeans. One pair are a carpenter style jeans. I like these style and they are different. I actually have lost weight and now fit into a smaller pair of jeans. I had been wearing the bigger size and they were always slipping and got all torn at the bottom. So now I am in a good fitting size. I also bought new underwear and some socks. I also bought us some new coke a cola glasses. I avoided buying any books or music and also avoided buying a camcorder and a new TV. These two electronic devices were on significant discounts today. But I avoided buying them because they would have been bought on credit.

I got the hard drive I bought in the mail on Friday. I also got an iLife 04 DVD and CD. I was able to install Garage Band, the Apple music making software. I also updated iPhoto to version 4.

My laptop screen was all that was broken. So I was able to run the laptop with an external monitor. I also got a USB 20 GB hard drive. I used the USB hard drive to get the data off the broken laptop. Things are fine here for computers.

I am just going out to buy tomatoes for supper. I will also buy toilet paper. I am going to be able to go by a toy store and buy a toy. The toy is a Barrel of Monkeys. It is for a nephew.

Posted by petert at August 20, 2005 11:33 AM


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