August 27, 2005

Out of class hours for homework this fall term.

This school term coming up I have a third year course with three hours of lectures a week. I also have one hour lab per week for this course. So four hours total. Since it is a third year course the multiplier is three. Thus out of class time should be twelve hours a week. With thirteen weeks I need one hundred and fifty six hours out of class time. For September I need about three weeks worth of this or thirty six hours. I have so far this past week done one hour and then last week another hour. Since I want to have my out of class time for September done as soon as possible I count down from thirty six. September is three weeks of classes. Thus I now have thirty four hours left to study.

In my other course I have a three hour lecture per week. This will be most likely a two and a half hour lecture per week. Since this is a also a third year course the mutliplier is three. Thus out of class time should be seven and a half hours per week. With thirteen weeks this becomes ninety seven and a half hours out of class time for the course. I have put in five hours so far. Counting down September's hours which will be twenty two and a half hours, I have seventeen aand a half hours still to go. I have now read everything required for the third week. The first week has no assigned readings. I have not been able to locate the second week's reading and must buy the course's reading text for these. So my homework has begun for the fall term almost two weeks ago.

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