August 29, 2005

My smoking cessation worked for a few hours then my boss called.

I was ok with smoking every hour for about three hours this morning. I got a little stressed out by using the computer to chat at yahoo. Then I was reading the relapse prevention article again and my boss called. This boss knows nothing of my mental health issues except for what he can figure out. I never tell him anything about this and other workers I tell about my mental health issues I ask them to keep it private. So when my boss called with some work and I was reading an addictions medical research book, I grew very stressed out and lit up right away. For the rest of the day I smoked as usual. My plan is to cut down for two weeks until Sunday September 12th and then try nicotine gum on the Monday. I was not smoking much at the computer later on as I surfed an electronics store web site. I was also stressed out trying to sell my broken computer over the Internet this morning and over lunch.

Posted by petert at August 29, 2005 11:51 PM


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