August 30, 2005

My ambitious plans for our extra room.

I want to turn my office into a studio. This means I need to clean it up and put the music equipment in there and still have room for a musician to play. I paid for the rest of the 26 channel mixer and brought it home today. I have it on the desk next to me now. I have read the first few sections of the manual.

Because of this recent resergence of my musical career I am thinking of not studying an extra course in statistics or or legal studies but instead taking a music course.

There is one available in ethnomusicology on Monday late afternoons. This might allow me to wake up late Mondays around noon then attend the music course then stay up over night and attend my intellectual property course on Tuesday mornings then sleep at about 2 PM Tuesdays if I have nothing else to do Tuesday's. Then Wednesdays would be long days but I woulld sleep very early Thursday mornings. I can also wake up early Mondays and sleep early Monday nights. These two variations would be my basic schedule approaches this fall.

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