September 05, 2005

I spent a fair amount of time reading on the weekend.

I read a fair amount on the weekend. This morning I was printing laws. I printed about three quarters of the employment standards act. I also printed about three quarters of the copyright act.

Posted by petert at September 5, 2005 07:11 AM


I checked out "My Life's Adventure," and it is a really good site.

I really admire for you doing this. This is one of the
positive outcome, which is rare in some cases.

I truly like your positive outcome, which give me an encourgement to motivate to do something. Also, this would helps other too.

Next sememter, I will be attending Cal State University hopefully to get into some professional job.

With your job as a security guard, good luck, I truly believe you have a great success in them.


Posted by: Unknown at September 5, 2005 04:14 PM

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