September 09, 2005

I took my spring paper to school today to be reviewed.

I am having my spring paper remarked. The professor has agreed to review the grade. I chatted with him a bit about Meech lake where I swam in 1987 while taking Haldol.

I was in not bad shape in those days but still had a major psychosis ahead of me in 1989. I was just living on my own for the first three years from May 1987 to February 1990 when I entered hospital for the last time. This was my usual id's of March hospitalisation. The previous time was the id's of March in 1980. I was very worried about my health in the ids of March 2000 but things went fine and I moved in with my wife that year. In 1990 I didn't get back to my apartment and out of hospital until 9 months later in December 1990. I did volunteer that year in politics while on day passes and my party the democractic socialists won that year. This was good because the government then supported consumer groups as they have continued to do with money.

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