September 10, 2005

My power amp got paid off

I was able with family help to pay for the power amp. I now need to pick it up. So finally I have upgraded my PA to stereo. This is not a bad business to be in and does not take a lot of my time. I am continuing to work on setting up a home studio. I cleaned up my office for about half an hour tonight. I also cleaned the living room. My wife did the recycling on Thursday and also has been keeping the dishes clean.

I bought some Playstation Portable UMD movies last night and also watched a Stargate episode with R. This reminds me I need to write up some Stargate episodes on my studies blog and I would like to open a new blog where all these entries are catalogued. But I think I can do that with a web page collection.

Posted by petert at September 10, 2005 12:16 AM


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