September 13, 2005

I basically took the day off.

I stayed up late last night and slept at about 3 AM and slept to 1 PM. I spent a quiet afternoon and only really talked to the director of the school of mathematics and statistics and the union business agent. My schedule for teaching assistant work has settled down and I have picked my courses. I will study a course in criminal law and politics, for example treason trials, conspiracy and protest. We will also cover some laws concerning terrorism. I was able to get a recommended reading book on used for 15$ today for this course.

I also made an appointment with my new supervisor to assign my hours for this term. I will meet him on Thursday. He is also a former professor of mine. We get along ok and he is fairly easy going but wants us all to work very hard in the study of statistics. I am happy so far this term with my work.

I am still studying a statistics course and attended our first class yesterday and am just printing out the professors lecture notes but don't have any problems to work on yet so perhaps I will pick some out of the textbook myself. I have already bought the textbook and read the first chapter and part of the second chapter.

I am also studying a first year music course in popular music but must pay the tuition still for this course. I also have to buy the textbook and music CD's tomorrow at school. The first class is on Thursday afternoon after I meet with my supervisor. The professor of this course sent me the course outline today. Hopefully I can catch up with the readings and listening exercises by Thursday.

Then Thursday evening the criminal law course happens and I will also get the main reader of articles and other case material for this course tomorrow. I also need to read some of this reader before Thursday evening.

Then this Friday and Saturday I will attend Probability Day at our school which is sponsered by the Fields Institute. You may remember from the movie Beautiful Mind that John Nash wanted to but never did win a Fields medal. I have been looking into this famous Fields Institute and keeping up on their schedule.

I am confident I can put the effort into getting an A in my statistics course this term. The music course I won't worry about too much. The law course will also get a lot of work so that I can graduate at the end of this fall term with high honours.

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