September 19, 2005

I did a library search from home.

Amazing the Internet at schools these days. I looked up nine famous bioinformatics algorithm pioneers and found books by seven of them. I did this from home using the web and a list of these scientists from a book on bioinformatics algorithms. I made a word processing file for these library cards by copying them off the library web interface.

I attended a tutorial today where the TA K solved some of the exercise set of problems on the black board. I interacted with her. Later in the day because the tutorial was at nine this morning, I attended the statistics class for the third time in the afternoon. We covered joint random variables and then the common discrete and continuous distributions or statistical models.

I also found time today to attend a green party beginning of term meeting and we planned some events. I will volunteer two hours this week on this club before classes on Wednesday and Thursday. I also am trying to get us a donated solar panel from a hardware store for a raffle to raise money for this club. I have to call the store manager tomorrow. I guess I called inappropriately this evening.

Also today I was interviewed with the students emergency response team and decided I could not volunteer with them because they require 12 hours per shift on campus. I find it difficult enough to stay on campus for my classes. The campus is not very comfortable.

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