October 01, 2005

I defeated the shopping cash flow bug today.

I managed to buy a bus pass, smokes, and groceries and only spend 5$ on something unplanned. I am heavily behind on bills this month but have spent 930 dollars at the music store in the past two months. I am such an independent musician ;) Said with sarcasim towards individualistic neo-liberal personal accumulation schemes. Am I really smarter or more creative owning music technology? I think with all the music technology I just bought I did not buy one item with a integrated circuit chip in it.

Oh well our rent will be paid and our debit was serviced and I even bought stock. Our house has some food and some drink. We will buy our major amount of groceries tomorrow. But most probably our phone will be disconnected and our power turned off.

Posted by petert at October 1, 2005 02:24 PM


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