October 22, 2005

The college life: faculty partners and family charity book sale today.

This is typical of college life today. I woke up at 2 PM yesterday. I stayed up and wrote things and read things and am up still this morning. I will now stay up for about a 24 hour day. I will stay up to attend a charity booksale of faculty and library books. This all seems like typical college life.

I gave the statistics mid-term, as part of my teaching assistant duties, last night or helped proctor it might be a better way of saying this. It went well and the boss offered to be a referee in my statistics graduate school application and gave me some advise on how to find referees.

In other school news today I am trying out iBlog on my Macintosh and am hosting the blog on my student web space. This blog will be a record of my statistics graduate school experience. Yes I do too much web publishing and it costs too much. At least my blog here at schizophrenia.com is free for me.

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