November 11, 2005

To Remember Is To End All Wars.

Today is the day we remember the soldiers who fought in our wars. I remember the soldiers I grew up with and my ancestors who died in war and those that lived. I really need to figure out what the war on terrorism is about in terms of basic rights and I think in some way it is a fight for personal security and the right to a secure and safe life. But then we bomb foreign countries so maybe they are just getting revenge for that. When will all the killing stop?

I learned recently that labour was really against fighting in the first world war as it was considered a bosses war. They felt that the rich should have to pay more as the rich did not have to risk their lives for the country. I knew this idea of a bosses war before but not the origin of this in Western Canada where the One Big Union (OBU) concept started. Also it seems one of my unions was very active in the early 1900's in Western Canada.

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