November 14, 2005

Took Monday off.

I took Monday off with good results. I was given a Compaq Presario1210 early model pentium 150 laptop. It had only 16MB of RAM. I called a local store that sells old computer parts and bought a 64 MB RAM PC66 chip for 30$ plus tax and it works fine. I installed Debian 3.0 r 2 and it works now fine with a KDE desktop. I like KDE 2.2.2 which is what was installed. So that worked out well and I now have a Debian laptop. I now need to buy it modem and ethernet PCMCIA cards but beyond that it is paid for.

I also bought us some ingredients for supper for tomorrow and Wednesday. We just did two small grocery shops instead of one large one. R came over for fish and rice and we watched an episode of StarGate SG1 called Brief Candle. My wife drank some beer today and did some laundry. I now have clean jeans, clean socks, and clean underwear. All in all a good day off. I slept at 3 AM this morning and woke up at 11:30 AM and did not have to work today at school. I will sleep on Tuesday morning at about 4 AM and sleep until 2 PM or something like that. I will teach on Tuesday evening. I volunteer on Wednesday and this coming Saturday. I will also volunteer at a union meeting this Thursday. I might do some paid union related health and safety work this week possibly on Friday afternoon.

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