November 17, 2005

Union member meeting today

I did some peer to peer mental health support yesterday. I was exhausted after this but that was because I was up all night on Tuesday night Wednesday morning. I also got recruited to sit on a working group involved in making sure that mental health receives its share of the health dollars from government. This should be interesting. I also got in touch with the coordinator of the self help network to discuss my web mastering work and I will have more work and a pay cheque should arrive next week for work to date.

I am marking statistics homework again and enjoying this work. Today our teaching assistants union is having a members meeting at noon. We need to get a good turn out of members so we can vote on some union wide issues. Things are going good in this union. I mean socially only going good. That is I am getting along with the other union executive members and our internal activities are friendly and there do not seem to be any conflicts with me and my Abilities and participation in union activities. Over all the union environment in our country does need work and we are facing extreme resistance from employers, politicians, and capitalists.

In my more radical union we are meeting in December and that seems ok right now. In my other union, Yes I belong to three unions) I am just starting to work for a new company although it is the same job and am thus a probationary member even though I have held this part time job for almost five years now. The previous five years we were represented by another union and worked for a different company.

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