December 08, 2005

Computer tinkering continues.

I got the Compaq Presario1210 early model Pentium 150 working with ethernet. It took me a few operating system installs before I again installed the complete K desktop this time with the networking turned on. I haven't tested it on the net yet and it is being used without security updates over the net from because I do not want to install Sarge the next most version of the OS. So I have an unsecure un updated version of woody on this laptop now.

I wish I was able to just turn on the networking but Linux is a very tricky beast. I also now want to turn on the security updates without reinsatalling the OS. I may be able to get an answer from the local linux community but they are as likely to call me an idiot. It seems this Linux on-line community is very rude. I have already left one of their email lists because of excessive abuse.

I paid for most of the new eMac computer at school today. I will be getting it delivered in about a week. I can simply copy my files from my old eMac to my new eMac with a firewire cable.

Posted by petert at December 8, 2005 09:29 PM


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