December 09, 2005

Studies continue over night.

I was up at 5 AM yesterday morning. I am still up now. I am feeling generally like I can't stay up long hours anymore. Two older gentleman at work find it amazing that I can stay up these long hours. Some people are amazed at the amount of writing I can do.

I have watched the first three lectures of twelve now. I just started the fifth lecture because I did not attend that lecture. There is one other lecture I did not attend and I must also review that tape. I have also opened all the digital documents included in the course materials on my computer. Speaking of computers I have paid a down payment now for my new eMac.

I did call the pharmacist on Wednesday and the next supply of medication should be delivered today. I also did the carpentry on Wednesday that I had been planning to do but only did half of it and my wife insisted I throw out some wood. Our recycling is piling up again. Our cat litter needs changing. I also cooperated with my wife today by doing Christmas shopping. I got some packing materials for mailing stained glass angels. My wife then packed these up and I taped it up and we need to get it in the mail for Monday. I also bought a gift for my wife to give to me. These are a set of books by the author James Joyce. I began to read his novel The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. I also did a little union business emails today and have done some in office union work this past week.

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