December 10, 2005

I am not really working until Monday.

I helped with the newspapers this morning but only helped prepare them( inserting and sleeving) and did not deliver them. I just don't have time given my last minute studies. I am working in the afternoon on Monday at school as a proctor for an exam. Then I am working everyday next week as a proctor until Sunday when I have the day off as there are no exams on Sunday. I have no other work scheduled in my main jobs. My teaching assistant work is comlpeted until January when I need to be hired again. My other work has not called this week and I have told them I am working at school so am not available. I slept at 7 AM and woke up at 2 PM with my wife's help waking me up.

Posted by petert at December 10, 2005 03:45 PM


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