December 18, 2005

The newspaper just hit the floor outside our door.

The newspaper carrier is moving so I won't be helping deliver the newspapers any more. There will be a new carrier and I will have to subscribe now. It is early Sunday morning and the carrier needed my help the last three days but I could not help as my exam proctoring required me to be awake in the day time so I could not stay up late at night. This morning I am up from 8:30 AM Saturday. I will stay up until about noon today, then sleep until midnight or earlier in the morning Monday and its back to proctoring duties for Monday morning.

Monday, early afternoon we have an info session for our new peer to peer program. Then we have our board meeting at 5 PM. I am just this morning going to study some research that helped support our grant application. I have just been studying the American economy and also playing a new computer game I bought last night: Sims 2, on my handheld PSP. I also was chatting off and on at yahoo and gave out this blog address to a few chatters with schizophrenia who happened to be in the chat room.

So this morning I will now study having relaxed a bit. I will then make some study blog posts and then sleep having had a very productive day.

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