December 19, 2005

Got some Christmas stuff.

I did get the wrapping paper now. I also got a foil baking pan for the turkey. I also got a little food for this week so we can have dinners. So if you are following me and my life stuff, (and that hopefully is not the major reason people read here), this is tonight's personal news about shopping.

We still need a turkey and if we need 80 hours defrost I should start defrosting the turkey at midnight tonight. But I don't have the turkey yet. 8 AM Friday to about 12:00 noon is our "in the oven" window of time. So Estimated Time until cooking begins about 80-84 hours.

Right now I am cooking some late night tofu hotdogs. Then I am going to sleep and working tomorrow again for four hours in the afternoon, so I can sleep in tomorrow.

Posted by petert at December 19, 2005 10:59 PM


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