December 21, 2005

Wow, 7 AM turkey shopping went smoothly.

I decided to stay up for a 31 hour day today. I am presently at 21 hours thus have ten more hours to go. The problem was two fold. One basic problem is today is a pay day and thus a bad day for me given my over spending. Two with working 11 days in a row in the afternoons except for 1 day off and two mornings working I am finding little time to do Christmas tasks to prepare for the celebrations. Also both mornings I worked I also had volunteer duties in the rest of those days. Thus today I am using these extra hours not to work but to do household duties. Thus my new focus is less on working and more on keeping myself busy on the home front. But I do have to work four hours later today before I can sleep. Thus I am worried that today's work performace will be bad. But then I have done very well with this job for 8 days now one bad day should be ok. I will be so tired and wired at work this afternoon.

I left at about 6:55 and got home at about 7:30 with a 6 KG turkey, peas, beats, and stuffing mix. I did plan on a smaller bird this time both for a better defrost, and also because we had too many left overs last time at Thanksgiving in October. I used my new bigger roller pack on my back to carry the groceries. Both bus drivers there and back to the 24 hour grocery store were friendly. So another Christmas time/event is moving along. One more task done with a few more this morning still to do. The bird will defrost for about 50 hours now when it should defrost about 76 hours. I tired to improve and plan this better than Thanksgiving but it didn't work perfectly, but then hey, I am not perfect.

I had been thinking of buying all this music equipment, school courses, etc.. but instead I will just pay bills and try to allow us to survive for the next five weeks. We have really no extra money at the moment.

When my wife wakes up we are both going to Canadian Tire to buy presents. I will wake her up at 9:30 and try to do this shopping and get it done by 11:30. The other task is mailing presents which I will do in about half an hour before the shopping.

Posted by petert at December 21, 2005 07:39 AM


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