January 04, 2006

I had my first class today. It went well.

Things are going good again today. Yesterday I was a little down because my first choice for grad school supervisor could not be done. She is too busy. But within fifteen minutes I found perhaps a better supervisor by chatting with him in the mailroom. I will contact him later this month and see if we can work together. I also have a co-supervisor as of today. Also today I had my first class in design of experiments and it went well. I also got hired to tutor a student in first year algebra and that pays well and is fun work. I also got an offer today to become a stock trading intern this term with some investment company and it is only 4 hours per week. It looks a like a good term this winter but I still have to get my TA schedule before I know how good this term will become.

Posted by petert at January 4, 2006 05:30 PM


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