January 15, 2006

I bought some more computer equipment.

I have been having trouble faxing with my Macintosh computers. I need to fax the disability office once a month with my pay stubs and this has always taken a couple of hours. Last night I finally bought a Brother all-in-one network printer that can fax just like a basic fax machine. I faxed this latest reporting period's pay stubs in less than five minutes using our new machine. I also spent about three hours getting the network printing working but it works now for the Mac. I still need to test my Linux computer with this but already I am happy and I bought it on sale too.

I also waited until some old refurbished Penitum IV IBM Intellistations went on sale, and bought one to be my windows machine and run SAS. I will also set this machine up as a Linux/Windows dual boot machine before using it at all. I ordered it from a department store so will have to wait about two weeks before I can go downtown and pick it up.

Posted by petert at January 15, 2006 06:15 PM


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