January 16, 2006

I am printing a union songbook out.

So I joined a music therapy group a few weeks ago. I haven't been back yet. I am preparing to participate some more though. I am considering buying a small amplifier I could play my electric bass through at the music therapy group. It is Kustom amp for about 130$ with a Celestion speaker. This used to be a very good make of speaker. I have been reading some of Patti Smith Complete and becoming inspired to pratice some rock and roll fashion and write a little poetry.

I am printing out a union song book with my new printer. The original songbook is a small 4" X 6" book. I am using the copier to enlarge the pages. I promised the rest of the members of the therapy group I would provide some copies of the union songbook. This will take me some time but I have started this project this morning while waiting for my computer software to install itself. We sang mostly religious and folk tunes last time I was at this therapy group and I would consider these union songs to fit this therapy group well. On second thought it may be cheaper to actually buy everyone copies of this union songbook rather than copy it. It might work better too.

Posted by petert at January 16, 2006 08:49 AM


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