January 20, 2006

L just called to tell me about a TV show.

We have a TV show called Body and Health. L called me just now to tell me they were featuring an outpatient schizophrenia program today. Today they are featuring a look at Going Beyond a program for people with schizophrenia where outdoor climbing and rope work is done. This is a physical activity program that occurs outdoors. There is also a program called Healthy Living where cooking is explored. This is also a life skills course. The Healthy Living program also has music therapy which is intended to help people relax.

Speaking of living skills my wife cleaned up the recycling yesterday with her act team worker. I just cleaned the cat litter this morning. I have also been reading newspapers and getting the pile into the recycling this morning. It is still fairly messy here. One thing I was doing for entertainment this morning was attempting to get my iPod photo slideshow to show up on the TV. I could not get this to work. I turned the air cleaner on this morning. I have adjusted my wife's niacin dose to 250 mg in the morning and 250 mg at bedtime.

Posted by petert at January 20, 2006 08:08 AM


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