January 27, 2006

I did some volunteering on Thursday and working that day. I am working 16 hours tomorrow starting at 3:00 AM.

I did some volunteering on Thursday. I am also volunteering a bit tonight/this morning. I will be volunteering with this group a bit more later in February. I also facilitated a web design meeting for our peer to peer group. We planned a blog and a downloads web site. I helped some professional psychologists understand the web and what's involved in having a web site. I helped with the job description for the help wanted add that will in the end employ a consumer/survivor as the web master to help document the peer to peer support project.

I gave a lab at 9 PM on Thursday. I gave the basic introduction to the SAS statistical software. This is the software that makes me buy Windows computers. I ended up trying to do some coding in SAS for the student's assignment. But because I could not figure out the code, I did not give the answer to the students, which would not have been fair.

I also did some tutoring of linear algebra where we looked at linear dependence and span concepts for vectors. The student paid me a fair amount of advance payment for this tutoring. So I got some bills paid today and also paid some more on a small practice bass amplifier. I should pay off the layaway totally next week at the beginning of the week. I also bought us more cigarettes. I also bought us some household supplies. I also bought a corduroy suit jacket on sale and some nice red shoes. These fashion items are for my stock market job and my teaching work. I also got gifts for friends and a GO game in a tube. I chatted a bit at the Strategy game store about Chess software.

I got called in to work tonight to replace someone who had to go to the hospital. I will work 16 hours tomorrow starting at 3:00 AM to 19:00 PM. My scheduled shift was 7:00 AM to 19:00 but I will work the extra four hours to cover for the worker who had to go to the hospital. I have been up and awake since 2:00 PM so by 20:00 PM Saturday when I finally sleep it will have been a 30 hour day. I will have Sunday off though to be with my wife.

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