February 05, 2006

I just completed more than four hours of statistics homework.

I got most of my homework done now for Monday so am feeling accomplished. I am going to relax for awhile. I figured out why I was able to work for four hours in a row on this homework. At the end of this week I got another computer. I became occupied setting up this computer with WinXP, SAS and Linux. The WinXP basically installed with no issues. The SAS took some work but it is installed now. Getting the SAS software working at home was why I bought this computer. But I was not really free from being obsessed with this new computer until I successfully installed Linux which I also did this morning. After that was done I worked and focused on my school work the way I wanted to. So I am coming to look at myself in terms of having some sort of obsessive compulsive behaviour. I do obsess with installing computer software and also doing other things like writing a lot on the computer. I also seem to obsess when I am doing school work on the computer. So while some of this obsessing may be non-productive computer tinkering or not so health shopping on line some of this obsessing is helping me get through school and allowing me to learn more and pratice more writing and statistic analysis. And these are good activities.

Posted by petert at February 5, 2006 08:14 AM


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