February 09, 2006

I am having a relaxed day doing a little homework for my statistics course.

I woke up early having slept at 12:30 last night. My wife went out to see her ACT team then she went to L's house to see L's new cat. I went to the music therapy group after printing my statistics homework assignment from the professor's web page. The music therapy group was cancelled but I did drop off my amp and copied the labour song book for use at the music therapy group. I also chatted a bit with our executive director. I then did a little grocery shopping. I came home and tried to do some SAS code for the statistics homework. I need to dig up some SAS code for diagnostics for my model and then add that type of code to what I have done. I also have to derive a quantity which I will do in Latex,

I am tutoring tonight starting at 19:30 then I have to give a group problem solving session to some students at 21:00. Then I can come home and sleep. Right now I will read and relax a bit then complete some marking starting at 17:00 and work until 18:00.

Posted by petert at February 9, 2006 04:13 PM


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