February 22, 2006

I worked for four hours today.

I worked at the building inspections for four hours today. I got 2 out of 7 floors inspected today. I am working all weekend in my older job. This job got me back on my feet in the working world. I learned a lot about how to work doing this work. I am not working in my TA lab work again until next Tuesday. I have some marking to do for this work. I am also volunteering on a hiring committee for the TA union right now.

I am also part of the hiring committee at our self help group. I was supposed to do some employment policies to for this self help group but have not followed up on this. I am also part of the staff evaluation committee. My real training in human resources like these is training in volunteer management a sub field of human resources. I think now that I am remembering these human resource experinces I will add them to a resume of mine for a managment of volunteers job or an executive director application. I will do that right now.

Posted by petert at February 22, 2006 09:47 PM


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