February 28, 2006

I need to spend four hours today marking, 4 hours at the stock market and 1 hour giving a lab.

I must still be insane. I am still up from 8 AM Monday with the intention of staying up until 9:00 PM tonight. This will be a 37 hour day. All this in an effort to make more money. At least I have only three hours of volunteering to do on Wednesday and all that is later in the day. I should really cut more activities and prioritse more of these jobs.

I need to do some marking this morning. I have marked 3 Q's out of nine fully. I have started a fourth Q and am done about a 1/3 of the papers for that Q. I would like to get that Q marked this morning and also another Q.

I will then go to my new stock market job for four hours a little frazzeled. I am working at this job four hours a week and will do this again next week.

I then need to do some shopping and pick up a new bus pass for myself and one for my wife. This means I will need to wait in line. Perhaps I can do this before going to work. I don't figure being in a long line at 3:00 PM in the afternoon on hour 31 of my day would be wise better to do this at hour 24. But maybe the line up would be shorter in the afternoon. No by 3:00 PM the line up would be long again. So early bird gets the worm with that. I also need to leave my wife some grocery money and bus fare. Maybe I will buy the pass at 7:45 AM and come home and then leave for work. Then I can relax at work and do more minor shopping after work. I can then come home and then go to school for the lab at 18:30. So next step is marking until 6 am.

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