March 09, 2006

I did not actually have any paid work yesterday.

I got my marking done on Monday. On Tuesday out of two jobs, one I quit and the other the work was canceled. Yesterday, Wednesday my student did not show up so I did not actually do any paid work all day. In fact, I saw a career councelor at school. Today I have some paid work in the evening starting at 18:30 PM. I will then work for two hours as a tutor then get a half hour break and work for one hour in a lab. Then this TA work continues on Friday at 5:00 PM when I will proctor a mid-term test. But the past two days and today I have had no marking duties. I will have some more marking to do starting tomorrow.

I am working in my non-school job on the weekend on Saturday over night until Sunday morning. I am looking forward to this work as the weather is supposed to be warm and spring like on the weekend with plenty of rain. I always enjoy this type of weather. It is even nostagic to be working at this job in the spring because I started this job in the spring 5 years ago.

Posted by petert at March 9, 2006 02:52 AM


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