March 11, 2006

I just recycled some adds.

With getting the daily paper and numerous bills we get a lot of paper adverts. I just recycled some of these. The problem is keeping our place clean. I still have not thrown out the large box my eMac came in for instance. I want to use the foam packing from this computer to build a microphone holder that will fit in a steel box I have. This would be for carrying 4-6 microphones. I have a large entertainment bill right now, with 100$ in DVD bills and a 50$ magazine bill. Also our cable bill TV will be about 100$ this month. I also spent about 50$ to get a set of anime DVD's of a Japanese TV show concerning the internet called Lain. I have taken a number of books back to the library now. Now that I am graduated my borrowing period at the library has been reduced to 2 weeks from 4.

Posted by petert at March 11, 2006 12:59 PM


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