March 11, 2006

After a brief discussion with my partner I bought a Samsung Mini DV Camcorder and some Mini DV tapes.

I got interested in camcorders while shopping at department stores and electronic stores. The thing with buying electronics is it is always better to wait a bit. For instance the portable DVD player I bought for my wife is now about 50 dollars cheaper this week than last week when I bought it. So today with a Samsung camcorder on sale plus a free bag to carry it, I bought it and should get it some time this coming week. It will work with my Mac and I will be able to make our own DVD's of our family.

I may take a workshop from a local film coop in making films starting at the third weekend in April. The price for the workshop though is about 500-600$ so I need to do some more work to afford it.

Posted by petert at March 11, 2006 04:09 PM


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