March 16, 2006

I am at about 17 hours into my day and I am just now going out to work for five hours.

Ok some of this work is as a volunteer but it is no less difficult or requiring of my skills. It will be mostly verbal interview skills. In fact, I have never been trained to interview people, except for a brief lesson at the college radio station back in 1984. And that lesson was basically about how to operate a cassette player and to interview for news stories not for selecting people for work. In the past at our self help group I have said that my union forbade me to be involved in hiring decisions. But, in fact, since I gain no money in this volunteer work nor get compensation for volunteering, beyond the pizza I will eat tonight, it is actually not against union policy. In fact, it should be fun and educational for me.

Wow, am I tired at the moment. This is not the best state of mind to do human resource work. In fact, I must also work one hour after this giving a lab at school and won't be home until about 11:00 PM tonight.

Posted by petert at March 16, 2006 02:06 PM


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