March 20, 2006

I have been grading statistics assignments this morning.

I got through some grading and have some more to do this morning. It is nice to get this done and this work pays well. I will have one or two more gradings of assignments to complete this term. I have about two or three more weeks of labs to do in this course, and then I am done. I may not apply to do this work in the summer depending of whether I am hired to work as a teaching assistant in legal studies. This could be my last term of work in this unionized job and my last term more likely for being a statistics teaching assistant as I am not going to go to grad school in statistics next year. There is a slim possibility I will be still be an undergraduate next year studying music and then I might be hired to continue as a statistics teaching assistant but I am getting tired of this work even though I enjoy it fully. It is very stressful and probably not good for my mind.

Posted by petert at March 20, 2006 08:41 AM


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