March 26, 2006

I read the article on about keeping a journal and started one using this example.

I read the article by Rose Bauer, Family Member dated 4/97. It is a two links off the main page at The first link is the overview of schizophrenia link. Which should lead you to this page I copied her example and started a journal for my wife and I. It is kind of romantic too to do this as I will have to constuct my wife's life doing this and she loves to tell me about her past. But she is not all that accurate at remembering it.

But keeping a journal to talk to doctors from is nothing new to me I learned this in group therapy years ago. These days I usually think of one key issue about my health to tell the doctor about on the way to the appointment. Then remember it until I get to the hosptial. Sometimes my pen and ink journal about my daily life will allow me to discover an issue to discuss. We don't change doctors frequently my wife and I. I have had this doctor since about 1997. My wife too has had this same doctor for the same lenght of time.

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