March 26, 2006

Time to take some vitamins and morning coffee.

I am just about to take 1 gram of each vitamin C and niacin. I will also drink some coffee and eat a bowl of cerial. Cerial seems to work for morning food well even if one is up all night. Maybe eating really is related to the sunlight experienced.

I worked on my medical journal for my own treatment facts. I may feel, I know more about the facts of my own health care than others know of theirs, but this is fairly arrogant and priviledges my defintion of knowledge above others. I was not able to remember exact dates for when I stopped and started pills except for recent dates. This goes back to the write it down rule used to beat memory problems. This rule I learned from a high school math and computer teacher in the 1970's. This is the lesson that makes me feel that my accuracy is so good. I feel because I am good at maths I must be good at memory but this is a faulty argument because it is maths that, in fact, help us with memory and this is only a tool that perhaps I value more because it has worked for me in the past.

Posted by petert at March 26, 2006 06:04 AM


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