April 01, 2006

Weekend phone calls done.

I moved out on my own prematurely when an older teen but needed to move back home when I was hospitalised. In the late middle 1980's I moved out on my own for good. After my psychosis which took place in the first few years of living on my own I got better. I began to call my dad, mother, and brother every weekend since then. I call them for emotional support. I called my dad today to help me with my graduate school application and then took some action on his advice. I also just got off the phone with my mom who gave me some financial advice.

Now I am going to do my monthly hard copy back up of my blogs. I also did some more home work this morning. When my partner woke up we washed the dishes. She made me a lunch for my night shift tonight. I am working tonight for 12 hours and will be up late into Sunday afternoon. I am also going to be able to study at work tonight because it will probably be quiet at the factory over night.

Posted by petert at April 1, 2006 02:57 PM


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