April 03, 2006

I have stress!

I am pretty stressed out. I had a stressful volunteer shift on the weekend. I manged to solve the problems I encountered and manged other volunteers all weekend. Other people helped me get this job done and the executive director also cooperated so things worked out fine. This goes to show that given the right support those of us with schizophrenia can perform as good or better at some tasks than "normals". This includes problem solving, decision making, and managing others.

One thing I have been going back to for stress reduction is my paper and ink journal. Another way of reducing stress I am using, is getting more rest.

The stress I have right now is related to getting my home work done on time for tomorrow and also getting some marking done which I am procrastinating with. I am doing the homework first because that is due first. In fact, after I post this I am going to boot up my windows PC and work in SAS, as well as, continue the write on on this computer the eMac.

Posted by petert at April 3, 2006 07:52 PM


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