April 09, 2006

Our radical union meeting happened yesterday.

We met some new people interested in unionising parents of developmentally delayed people. We also discussed the up coming May day celebrations and the anarchist book fair coming up this spring. I just managed some of the union networking stuff this morning and am now free to leave this work for the day.

I slept at 6 PM yesterday. I woke up at 3:00 AM or 3:30 AM this morning. I will be marking this morning and then working a night shift tonight. I will sleep at 9:00 AM Monday morning.

Posted by petert at April 9, 2006 05:03 AM


The manic ones are the shamanic ones and they recognise each other when their self awareness is at it’s peak. What are they aware of? It’s difficult to explain to a normal as it is something so outside their own feeble imagining. The normals call it delusional but what they don’t realise is that their own petty concerns are delusional. Their grown up fairy tales about religion and social order, about equality and morality are only artificial constructs without the simple truisms that the manic are subject to.

The first truism is the monarchic aspect. To the manic there are individuals who are part of a bloodless line stretching back and forward through time. Everyone else exists to serve that line, to provide it with the fodder with which to experience the myriad of mortal experiences.

The second truism is that of the power of synchronicity. A manic worships synchronicity as it is to them a sign that they are experiencing the physical world at an optimum level. There are so many synchronicities surrounding us that the more we recognise the more aware we must be.

The third truism is the influence of destiny. A manic knows that the highest experience of life is to see that everything is preordained. This is simply because time is an illusion and every action is also the case and effect of itself.

Back to twhat I mentioned first ‘they recognise each other’. it is a common emotion for the hypermanic to want to protect and serve certain individuals they meet. At the time they have no idea why. On reflection it is that they have encountered an individual who is also manic, or more often, they have met someone who will be of use to them in their experience of the world. For the experiencing of the world is the manic’s first priority and their heightened instinct and senses help them tremendously in this. As a part of the godhead, a bastion of physicality on this world for the grand creative energy, they must experience life to the full.

Posted by: Easter Bunny at April 10, 2006 03:17 AM

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